Many names of pain killers are known and some are misspelled by many. One of the most misspelled narcotic pain killers is the Roxicodone.

The use of narcotic pain killers

Pain killers are pain relievers which allow a person to feel numb while they feel mild to extensive pain. The pain perception in the center of the brain is the one responsible for the feeling of hurt that a person experience. What a narcotic pain killer does is that it reaches this pain perception in your brain and makes it numb. Consuming of pain killers can also affect other systems in your body such as the respiratory and circulatory systems if consumed at high dosages.

In hospitals, a narcotic pain killer is used to help a patient undergoing a surgery to not feel the pain.  It is not meant to be given to the patient after surgery but after the surgery since the pain of the whole process is done in the surgery proper. Roxicodone or Roxycodone is also used to any moderate to severe pain that a person experience. However, this will have to be prescribed by the doctor to avoid any conflict within your body systems.

Roxicodone dosage

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The amount of dosage of Roxicodone may depend on the prescription of the doctor. For adult dose, the usual dosage is ten (10) to thirty (30)mg every four hours that will have to depend on the need of the pain. Dosage can be adjusted in accordance with the:

  • Severity of pain that the patient feels
  •  Size of patient
  •  The body response with the medicine.

Taking narcotic pain killers must be consulted by your doctor for it may result in to other illness if not properly consumed. This potent drug can cause respiratory depression if not handled properly, that is why it is recommended to have your doctor consultation.

Roxycodone – A Narcotic Pain Killer
The Difference Between Roxycodone And OxyContin

A lot of people are confused about the difference of these two narcotic pain killers. These two narcotics should not be taken or consumed irresponsibly, that is why further knowledge must be given in order to prevent oneself from being harmed.

The use of OxyContin

This pain killer belongs to the Oxycodone which is a class of drugs which is known as narcotic analgesics.  It goes to your brain pain perception and changes the way your body feels and respond with the pain. The higher the dosage of this drug, which is more than 40 mg per tablet, must be used only if you have been taking moderate to large amounts of narcotic pain medication regularly.People who suffer from moderate to severe ongoing pain, such as cancer patients, are the persons who consume this narcotic. The strength of this narcotic pill can cause overdose if not consumed by the right patient.

The use of Roxycodone

This narcotic pain killer is different from OxyContin in a way that it releases Oxycodone instantly and not slowly. It is used for temporary or sudden pain that needs relief. This narcotic pill can be given to people who are about to go through a surgery or experience joint pain. It may cause withdrawal reactions when used regularly for a long period of time. Withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Runny nose
  • Sweating
  • Muscle aches

May occur upon suddenly discontinue of usage since the body is already dependent with the drug.

Narcotic pain killers must be taken with proper physician prescription. Each pill has its own use and must not be consumed wrongly out of confusion. Medicine information must be fully researched by the patient or must be explained well by the doctor so that the patient will understand the risks of any mistake in the consumption of any medicine.

Roxycodone - Avoid Narcotic Drug Dependency

Every household you will see a pill or two of pain killers in their medicine boxes. It is used for sudden pain that one can experience. But usage of these narcotic drugs can be harmful if taken regularly.

How to know if you are narcotic drug dependent

A person won’t be able to know instantly that they are drug dependent. One way to know this is if you can’t live a day without popping a pill or two of that drug, in this cases a narcotic drug, into your mouth. When you see yourself in this situation you must check up on your doctor and see what you can do about it.

Drug dependence can damage your whole body systems. It can shut down all of your systemslike:

  • Respiratory System
  • Circulatory System
  • Nervous System

All at once if not treated immediately. You must be fully aware of what kind of narcotic pill you are taking, for example, Roxycodone, to help your physician or doctor to come up with the best treatment for you.

What you should do to avoid addiction

If a narcotic drug is prescribed to you by your doctor because of sudden pain that you felt years or months ago, you must stick to the fact that it must be prescribed first. It is not ideal to just purchase this pill and consume it whenever you feel pain. Pain such as joint pain, headaches or moderate pain that can be cured by other means must not be treated with a narcotic pill. This may lead you to your drug dependency and may backfire after the longest time of consuming.

Drug dependency can be avoided with proper knowledge. If a person is drug dependent, the drug may not work for him anymore or worst it can blow up his body systems when stopped instantly.